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Why choose New Space Architecture for your upcoming project?

Designing a new space – whether it’s an extension to your home, a renovation, or a new development project – is an investment not just in bricks and mortar, but in the form and function of your future. This is why selecting an architectural firm is as crucial as laying the foundations for your new property.

With countless firms at your fingertips, why should New Space Architecture lead your project to success? Here are eight compelling reasons…

Over thirty years of architectural experience

The strength of experience is irreplaceable and, at New Space Architecture, it’s distilled in over three decades of practice and finesse. Since its inception in Mitch’s spare room in 2016, New Space Architecture has matured into an awarded architectural firm and has gone on to be the South West winner for the LABC Best Partnership with a Local Authority Building Control Team for two years running. With the acquisition of 16a Architecture, and the addition of our Associate Director, Vaughn Allington, our combined experience spans over 30 years. This level of expertise allows us to confidently take on any project, big or small.

We’re invested in our community

Our blueprint extends beyond blueprints; we actively engage with our community through noteworthy projects. Working with organisations such as Exmouth Boxing Club and sponsoring local sports teams across the county we love to be a part of the community we are (literally) building. Alongside this we quietly undertake pro-bono projects for people that we meet who clearly need help when life has thrown challenges at them as our ethos is that people are more important than profits. One of our favourite community projects is Budleigh Salterton Cricket Club’s new purpose-built clubhouse and cafe. We designed the structure to not only meet the specific requirements of a modern and inclusive cricket facility but also to provide a social venue for the wider community that is fully accessible to all users and the finished building is a real community hub for events and socialising.

We build with people in mind

No matter the scale, be it a quaint Class Q barn conversion or a bespoke new build home, gaining initial advice and insight from an experienced professional is a wise first move. At New Space Architecture we offer free consultations for each project. Here, we’ll help you understand any necessary applications or consents that might be involved. By meeting you within your walls or on your proposed plot of land, we’ll ensure that we fully understand the site and its context, but more importantly, make sure that we truly understand your wants and needs for the proposed design. From advice on permitted development to guidance on planning permission and building regulation applications, we will ensure you have all the relevant information you need to be able to feel confident in moving forward with your project and taking that first step towards realising your dream.

We work in partnership with Devon Building Control

Collaborating with Devon Building Control, New Space Architecture ensures that every project meets the highest standards for Building Regulations approval. Their experienced team of surveyors, coupled with their efficient service during plan-checking and site inspections, allows us to deliver unrivalled quality on any size of building project. This partnership means our team can rely on competent, efficient surveyors to assess and inspect our projects to the highest of standards. In addition, it means we can benefit from bespoke quotes for each job ensuring that our clients get the best service at the best price.

We help you visualise your project

Seeing is believing, and at New Space Architecture, your project materialises before the first brick is laid. Our repertoire of visualisation tools includes 3D imagery, dynamic videos, and cutting-edge virtual reality experiences. From the comfort of our Exeter studio, don a VR headset and stroll through your future space, enabling you to engage actively with the design and spur your imagination. Whatever the design needs, our expertise and experience in the use of 3D renders and virtual reality technology can help bring your project to life.

Experts in Class Q barn conversions and bespoke homes, house extensions and remodelling

Whether we’re crafting a custom home, expanding a residential property, or transforming a barn under Class Q regulations, our hallmark lies in blending imaginative creativity with precise technical expertise. Through meticulously crafted drawings, we streamline the construction process, saving both time and expenses. Allow us to bring your vision to life by putting your desires first, aligning with your budget, and unleashing boundless creativity. Our skilled team will navigate you through every step of the architectural journey, ensuring simplicity, minimising stress, and above all, ensuring an enjoyable experience throughout.

Experienced in renovating listing buildings

Extending a Grade II listed property demands careful attention to detail to ensure alterations work with the historic structure without compromising its integrity. Many architectural firms shy away from such projects due to the specialised knowledge and negotiation involved. Our project at Helewood Farm exemplifies our ability to collaborate with conservation officers to create designs that enhance the original building while adding exquisite space. Featuring locally sourced stonework, prominent timber trusses, and a striking glazed gable, this extension seamlessly merges indoor and outdoor spaces. It serves as an ideal solution, offering our clients a stunning open-plan area while allowing the original farmhouse to retain its charm.

We’ll celebrate and communicate at every milestone

Navigating the architectural process can be overwhelming, especially for those new to design and construction. At New Space Architecture, we simplify this journey by breaking it into key stages, ensuring transparency and client involvement. We start with an initial meeting to understand your vision. Then, we conduct a site survey to assess conditions and opportunities. From there, we develop conceptual sketches and assist in obtaining planning permissions and building regulations. Once approvals are secured, we coordinate project commencement, working closely with contractors to bring your vision to life. Our goal is to make the process smooth and stress-free, guiding you through each step with expertise and care, whilst celebrating the little wins along the way.

When investing in a building project, selecting the right architectural firm makes all the difference. New Space Architecture is not just any choice – it’s a decision toward unparalleled expertise, community-conscious designs, and a streamlined, personalised experience every step of the way. Our door is always open for consultation, ready to assist in bringing your architectural aspirations to life.