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The use of modern, state-of-the-art technologies like 3D rendering and virtual reality to help design and visualise a project has always been a crucial part in helping clients and professionals alike to really understand exactly what the proposed design will look like in its context – without so much as a shovel being put in the ground.

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New Space Architecture can provide you with multiple ways of experiencing this; from still 3D images, moving videos and even through the use of virtual reality. Meaning that our team can help you visualise your project before work has even begun.

Made famous by the popular BBC program Your Home Made Perfect, our virtual reality headset allows you as the user to experience exactly what it will feel like to walk around your own new space so you can truly enter and understand the design – and all this right from the comfort of our own design studio in Exeter.

Whichever form they take, 3D visualisations can have a huge impact on the design process and be useful if you are struggling to fully understand the space, or if a planning officer is struggling to assess the impact of the project on its surroundings.

Whatever the design need, our expertise and experience in the use of 3D renders and virtual reality technology can really help bring your project to life and, more importantly, to help you start to unleash your own imagination. Whether you are looking at anything from a conversion for your home, to a commercial project, you can speak to a member of the New Space team today about our 3D rendering options in Exeter.

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