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Introducing New Space Architecture

Create your very own newspace

Whether it is a loft conversion, extension or even your very own bespoke home, starting a new project is an exciting time. Before things start to get a little too daunting, how about contacting us at New Space Architecture to help?

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The architectural process can be daunting and confusing, especially if you have no prior knowledge or experience of being part of a design or building project. Our ‘Architectural Timeline’ explains this process in a clear and visual way, giving a brief overview of each stage along with a likely idea of how long these might take.

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New Space Playbook | New Space Architecture


Looking to start your new architectural design project? Contact a member of Download our journal today to get inspired by our previous work.

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Bespoke Homes

If you are planning on building your own home then we believe this should reflect your own tastes and personality, not just through the internal finishes and furnishings but through the building itself in shape, form, layout and materials.



As a commercial entity ourselves we understand more than ever how important it is to create an inviting commercial environment. Carefully crafted design can positively affect both your employees and customers moods and state of mind, increasing productivity and sales.

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Class Q

We specialise in Class Q conversions and are experts in this field with a vast depth of knowledge of the legislation and wide experience across multiple local authorities in dealing with the process.

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This is what we do. Your home is your safe place, your relaxation space and your escape from the outside world. It should be comfortable, practical, functional and a pleasure to inhabit and it is our absolute joy to help you realise its true potential through careful and considered design.

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Let’s convert those dreams to reality

When you’re starting a new project, you want an architecture and design studio that understands you and your visions. We can help guide you to the new space of your dreams, as well as inspire you to think differently with our creative designs. Together, let’s build something incredible.

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