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Obtaining Planning Permission can often seem like a daunting and confusing process. Each Local Authority has their own individual ‘Development Plan’ with numerous and varying policies, and navigating your way through this can be both stressful and time consuming.

New Space Architecture aims to eliminate any uncertainty by drawing on our wealth of experience and expertise as a planning consultancy in Exeter, dealing with all aspects of any necessary application. We will prepare and produce detailed planning drawings, comprehensive design and access statements and call upon our network of experienced consultants to provide any other supporting information that may be required depending on the nature of your project. These can include items such as ecology statements, flood risk analysis and arboricultural reports.

Whatever your proposal, we will do everything possible to ensure a positive outcome for you and your project, whether you are planning your new bespoke home, converting an old barn or simply extending your home.


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What are ‘building regulations’?

Most people looking to undertake a building project understand that they may require planning approval first. What people often don’t realise however that that even if planning permission has been granted (or is not required), they are still likely to need building regulations approval. Whereas planning permission deals with the building’s appearance and its use, the building regulations govern the standard to which the building is then constructed. Failure to meet these standards may lead to difficulties when the owner comes to sell the property and in some cases can also lead to prosecution.

What type of approval do I need?

There are 2 types of building regulations applications that can be made; A ‘Full Plans Application’, or a ‘Building Notice’

What timescales are involved?

Both Full Plans applications and Building Notices are valid for three years from the date they were given to the local authority, and will automatically lapse if the building work is not started in that timeframe. Importantly, you don’t have to wait for approval before commencing work – provided that 48 hours’ written notice is given of your intention to start work, following a successful full plans application or issue of a building notice.

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In some cases a detailed planning application may not even be required as your project may be lawful under ‘permitted development’ regulations or a prior approval, such as a Class Q barn conversion. In these cases a comprehensive knowledge of the various application categories is essential in presenting your project in the correct way and can be the difference in gaining consent or not.

Ultimately we are here for you. Our experience in planning consultancy and the planning system is a precious resource to be used and mined to ensure the best chance of achieving a positive outcome and it is our pleasure to work with you and guide you through this process.

If you want to find out how we as an Exeter based planning consultancy can help you, contact our team today. Or for more information on permitted development and other guidance please visit our FAQs page. If you are looking for more detail on the architectural process itself, check out our timeline.

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