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Most people looking to undertake a building project understand that they may require planning approval first. What people often don’t realise however is that once planning permission has been granted they are still very likely to require building regulations approval too.


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What are ‘building regulations’?

Most people looking to undertake a building project understand that they may require planning approval first. What people often don’t realise however that that even if planning permission has been granted (or is not required), they are still likely to need building regulations approval. Whereas planning permission deals with the building’s appearance and its use, the building regulations govern the standard to which the building is then constructed. Failure to meet these standards may lead to difficulties when the owner comes to sell the property and in some cases can also lead to prosecution.

What type of approval do I need?

There are 2 types of building regulations applications that can be made; A ‘Full Plans Application’, or a ‘Building Notice’

What timescales are involved?

Both Full Plans applications and Building Notices are valid for three years from the date they were given to the local authority, and will automatically lapse if the building work is not started in that timeframe. Importantly, you don’t have to wait for approval before commencing work – provided that 48 hours’ written notice is given of your intention to start work, following a successful full plans application or issue of a building notice.

The difference is in the detail

At New Space Architecture this is where we really start to sing. Few architects are able to offer the same level of exceptional clarity and detail that we consistently demonstrate in our detailed building regulations and construction drawings. Our intelligent design ability combined with our exceptional knowledge of construction techniques and current building regulations ensures that our detailed drawings are among the best in the industry, praised by local builders and building inspectors alike.

It is even not uncommon for us to receive work from other architects who simply cannot provide this service to a high enough standard and we have built an impressive reputation for quality and depth of knowledge within this industry.

Having quality building regulation drawings that demonstrate an in-depth knowledge of construction within current regulations is vital to any building project. This will not only allow your building regulations application to get approved quickly but more importantly, will make it easier for contractors to price the project accurately. Good construction drawings will also save you time and money across the build with any awkward junctions or details already resolved.

This is a service that we excel at and simply love to provide. Just ask any of our clients, local builders or local inspectors… This is what we do, who we are and why we are here for you.

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