Class Q

Meadow View Farm


East Leigh, Mid Devon

Local authority

Mid Devon District Council


Class Q Conversion



Completion date

Oct 2017

The challenge

Our Clients wanted to convert a former cattle barn, into a luxury new home.

In recent years planning law changed to allow the conversion of agricultural buildings to residential dwellings under permitted development legislation (Class Q). This wonderfully converted barn is an example of what can be done within the strict guidelines of this legislation. A former cattle barn, this building is now a stunning residential home. And that’s not the end of the story… Once a Class Q development has been granted it is possible to then re-apply for Full Planning Consent to demolish the existing building entirely and replace it with a brand new dwelling, not constrained to the regulations required under the original Class Q Approval. Get in touch to find out more...

Before - Interior

Before - Exterior


I had no idea that my agricultural barns could become my new home and am still amazed that what was once my cattle shed is now my own house!

Stephen L

Mitch Temple Founding Director | New Space Architecture

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