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The challenge

Justifying two bespoke dwellings as a 'betterment' to the original Class Q approval

Achieving Class Q approval for turning an agricultural barn in to a dwelling (or even multiple dwellings) should be a relatively straightforward process so long as you meet the criteria. However, this is just step one in a two step process which unlocks the potential for you to build your own completely bespoke home, so long as your replacement house design(s) can be justified to show a 'betterment' of the site in the removal of the original barns and erection of something new. In the this case we were able to do just that and achieved full planning consent for these to incredible detached homes. Both plots are now for sale on the open market ready for their new owners to build their dream homes!

Aerial view of existing class Q site

Existing Site

Aerial view of a 3D rendered class Q site

Approved view of Site

3D-Render of Class Q
Aerial view of a 3D rendered class Q site

There were so many times we weren't sure we would ever get planning permission for these new homes but New Space Architecture reassured us the whole way that they knew what they were doing and to trust them. We're glad we did!

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