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Bespoke Homes

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The challenge

Replacing a 1970's bungalow with a bespoke family home

Our clients, James and Ruth, approached us initially with the intention of extending and remodelling their existing 1970's bungalow. The plot on which the existing property sits is generous and private however it was immediately noted that the existing bungalow didn't in any way maximise these merits, both in terms of position and orientation. Our advice was that if this was to truly become their dream home then we should explore the idea of replacing the bungalow entirely with a bespoke dwelling, positioned and designed to maximise the full potential of the plot and the requirements of the family. Work is due to start on the build in the coming months...

Existing Bungalow

Generous Plot

Replacement Dwelling | 3D Render | Night front-view
Replacement Dwelling | 3D Render | Shade

We are so excited to receive permission to build our dream home! New Space have been incredible throughout the entire process - from offering initial clear advice and options right the way through to this amazing design and achieving planning consent. We can't wait to make a start!

James and Ruth

Mitch Temple Founding Director | New Space Architecture

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