Dear potential clients,

Thank you for taking the time to look at our site as you think about your architectural needs. In light of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic we have had to make some important decisions to protect our business and its staff. Until further notice our staff will be working from home and not conducting any unnecessary site visits.

If you are a potential new client looking to find out more about your potential project we are able to offer the following, free of charge, to help you have an idea of what is possible for you. 

We are offering either:
– online video meetings (via Houseparty/ Zoom FaceTime) to allow us to see your existing home and discuss options with you OR to visit your property using the following parameters:
– We would require that the property is vacant for a minimum of 1 hour (including no pets).
– Confirmation that none of your household are on the vulnerable list.
– Confirmation that none of your household are suffering from any major symptoms of Covid-19 (cough or a fever being the key ones) and haven’t done for at least 2 weeks prior.
– All internal doors to be left open and all spaces accessible with minimal/no touching of handles required.

With these guidelines we can ensure that both you and our staff remain protected from any potential spread of the virus whilst still being able to offer you detailed help and advice as you think about your project, along with a quote for our architectural works. If you would like us to proceed with your project then we can return to measure the property under the same parameters. 

Finally again we thank you for taking the time to come and visit our website and ask that you continue to help support us and other small businesses to be able to continue during these difficult times. 
We pray your own family and livelihoods are protected and remain safe and look forward to seeing this pandemic pass. 

Mitch Temple