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We are a UK based architectural design and consultancy business, utilising all of our teams expertise in order to create bespoke and exciting designs for both domestic and commercial clients.

We are a UK based architectural design and consultancy business, utilising all of our teams expertise in order to create bespoke and exciting designs for both domestic and commercial clients. Our drawings always focus on being the most detailed possible, this helps clients to truly visualise their dream design, whilst also allowing contractors to follow thorough plans saving them both on time and stress.

We founded New Space Architecture Limited back in 2016, our clients have spanned across the whole of the UK. With projects in Cornwall and the South-West all the way up to Aberdeenshire in North-East Scotland, our Exeter based office is the prime spot to reach all UK locations.

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Whether we are designing a new home or a Class Q Barn Conversion, we pride ourselves on the fusion of creativity and technicality that our team achieves. Creating in-depth drawings that are known to reduce time and therefore costs when it comes to following our blueprints for construction.

At New Space Architecture we use our experience and creativity to deliver you the best possible solution to your needs and desires. Based in Devon, we are an architectural design and consultancy studio with designs and projects across England and Scotland. Our passionate team of problem solvers and out of the box thinkers offer a full range of architectural services. From a free initial consultation and design sketches to surveying and detailed building regulations, New Space is ready to work with you to build your dreams.

Mitch Temple

Founding Director

Mitch is our Founding Director and is often the initial face to any new clients. Although a lot has changed since starting the firm from his bedroom in 2016 there are still some things that haven’t… we’re still trying to get him to take the Taylor Swift poster down (although we don’t mind the occasional duvet day).

Adam James

Technical Director

Adam James is our Technical Director and manages the design team. When he’s not being creative at work he likes to be creative at home too, usually either playing games or creating his own. Whenever he suggests playing something without dice, we just roll our eyes…

Sophie Bennett

Operations Director

Sophie is our Operations Director and quite simply runs the place. From keeping us paid to organising our time, nothing gets missed and we couldn’t survive without her. We once hid her giant pot of Tipp-Ex to see if she would notice… that was a big mistake.

Jacob Handford, MCIAT

Associate Director

Jacob is a highly experienced member of the team who is often tasked with our most technically challenging projects. He has a keen eye for design and has worked on many of our bespoke dwellings.

Vaughn Allington, MCIAT

Associate Director

Having studied Building Engineering & Management at university, Vaughn went on to work for a national contractor as a graduate engineer. Moving to East Devon in 1995 to join a family owned construction company he gained experience in all areas of design and construction on a very wide range of projects.

David Taylor

Architectural Technician

Dave is a magician when it comes to detailed design – so much so that we call him ‘Dave Presto’. When deadlines are tight Dave can always pull something out the bag… the problem is sometimes it’s a rabbit.

Kieran Hollywood

Part 3 Architectural Assistant

Kieran has joined the team as a Part 3 Architectural Assistant whilst he continues his studies towards becoming a chartered architect at UWE, Bristol. In the office he is affectionately known as ‘Hollywood’ – not because of his name but because the sign above his house keeps falling down.

Sam Bunn

Architectural Technician

Sam is an extremely competent designer and technician whose passion and work ethic is an example to all. Sam is also a keen mountain biker and is getting pretty good… soon he might even be able to take the stabilisers off!

Zac May

Part 3 Architectural Assistant

Having almost completed his studies on an apprenticeship basis, Zac is due to qualify as a Chartered Architect at the end of 2025.

Freya Sampson

Architectural Technician

Freya is simply wonderful… a talented designer, competent technician and a ray of sunshine in the office with her constant smile and enthusiasm.


Admin Assistant


Architectural Technician